10 Commandments of Blogging

1. Thou shall offer fresh and personal content and perspective with your blog that you and only you can produce.

2. Thou shall not carve with lexis that common folk can twig ( translation: you will write using words that real people can understand ).

3. Thou shall not tear someone else down blog with his / her blog.If you have an issue with that person ,go to them to work it out.

4. Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour with his / her blog.

5. Thou shall not pluck quotes from thy neighbour’s blog without giving him / her credit.

6. Thou shall not steal content from thy neighbours blog and portray it as his / her own.

7. Thou shall not covet thy neighbour’s blog but will be happy with his / her own blog.

8. Thou shall not spend more time blogging,reading blogs and / or commenting on blogs  ( let alone any other type of social media than with thy wife / husband,kid / kids and pet.

9. Thou shall take time for rest and relaxation from blogging at consistent intervals,go outside ad smell the roses.

10. Thou shall not make an out of blogging.



On his personal blog, New York Times technology journalist Nick Bilton mused about “collecting air” in his travels around the globe. He closes his post with this thought, drawn from a recent conversation on a flight:

The man looked at me and asked, “Do you collect anything?”

At first I didn’t know how to respond, I hadn’t thought about it in some time. And then I instinctively told him that I actually collect stories —about people, or events, or places, or companies, or moments in time. That I collect these stories and keep them as words and photos.

I looked out of the plane window for a while as we zipped above the clouds at 35,000 feet, and then I looked back at the man and said, “I guess you could say I collect air.”

I felt the same instinct over the holidays, when asked to describe what…

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